Our Technology

Winning Smiles Family Dentistry uses the latest in dental technology in our office for the benefit of our patients. Dr.Hoffpauir graduated with a cum laude degree in dentistry to be able to help patients discover a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

One of the ways Dr. Hoffpauir efficiently assists his patients is by gaining a very accurate diagnosis using i-CAT technology. The i-CAT scanner remains at the forefront of world development in dental imaging for the dental and maxillofacial community. The majority of dentists also recognizes this machine and the i-CAT company as one of the most innovative radiological technologies available today for dental imaging.

You can’t fix a problem if you can’t see the problem. For the most accurate dental imaging available right now, our office uses this technology to diagnose and plan our patients’ dental treatments. Along with some of the best imagery available, the i-CAT company also provides its customers with expertise and skill using continuing education programs.

One of the significant reasons for our dental office is in using the i-CAT scanner. This scanner provides Dr. Hoffpauir and his staff with high resolution, digital 3D images. These oral images give us the ability to see what’s going on in your mouth and jaws and treat you accordingly. You’ll receive optimal dental care because we use the cone beam 3D unit to our patient’s best advantage. The 3D features of our scanner help us get the best look at all aspects of your teeth and jaw health. So whether you are having a checkup or need oral surgery of some type, the excellent pictures our 3D scanning device uses will help us give you the best treatment possible.

You may be concerned about the amount of radiation used to take your dental scans. Our i-CAT machine uses the lowest dose possible of radiation available, so you’ll have the smallest amount of exposure potential and still have some excellent dental images so you can have the highest quality of dental care possible.

Please reach out to us today for more information on receiving dental treatment and having an expert checkup today.