Why is the Super Saver Discount Plan better than Insurance?

Winning Smiles Family Dentistry provides exceptional care for our patients using the latest in technology. We accept most dental insurance plans, but also offer our own plan known as the Super Savers Discount Plan. We created this plan to give our patients an alternative to insurance for dental care when treatment is needed for both individuals and families. Our plan helps patients that do not have insurance, or patients that simply do not think their dental insurance coverage is enough to cover the treatments they need.

The Super Savers Discount Plan does not carry the same stipulations that insurance plans do. Most insurance plans require patients to use a specific type of filling in their mouth, such as metal fillings.  Metal fillings contain mercury which is harmful to have in our mouths or our kids’ mouths. Limiting the types of products patients can use, while receiving dental care is not a good quality plan or investment for patients.  Also, some insurance plans refuse to replace missing teeth, or require long wait times to receive care for various treatments.  When a patient has a dental issue that needs attention, you do not want to be limited by insurance and have to wait.  Most dental issues need to be treated in a timely manner to avoid more complicated conditions.

Our plan allows patients to have the flexibility with treatment that insurance plans do not have. The Super Savers Discount Plan does not carry the stipulations or requirements insurance plans have.  Our plan gives patients the freedom to get the best care possible in a timely manner. 

Call or email Winning Smiles Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment, and see how our Super Savers Discount Plan can benefit you.