Oral Face Pain

Over 15 percent of adults in America have chronic facial pain. If you have chronic facial pain, you may hurt around the ear, feel tenderness in your jaws, have headaches or hear noises when you open and close your mouth. The first step to reducing or eliminating your facial pain is to see your dentist. Dr. Hoffpauir at My Winning Smile Family Dentistry can help diagnose the source of your chronic facial pain. He’ll use the latest in technology to view your mouth and face both inside and out.

What Causes Oral Facial Pain?

Many various things can cause oral face pain. Your facial pain may be a sinus headache, a toothache, or maybe from you having dental decay or periodontal disease. If the facial pain is caused by the jaw or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), it may take a bit more time to diagnose. But all of these causes for oral face pain can be corrected after a proper diagnosis has been made.

How is Oral Face Pain Treated?

Treatments for oral face pain vary depending upon the exact diagnosis of the cause of the pain. Wearing a mouth guard, which looks like a sports mouth guard, can protect your teeth if you are grinding them. Muscle relaxants and mouth exercises can also help relax the muscles and nerves of your mouth and relieve your oral face pain. Once your dentist has diagnosed the origin of your problem, he will be better able to treat the source of your pain.

TMJ disorders can be caused by injury, dislocation, and arthritis. The muscles surrounding the jaws can also become irritated and inflamed. Once TMJ is diagnosed, you can work together with your dentist to relieve the stressors in your life and make you a jaw splint that will protect your TMJ, jaws, and teeth from causing you more discomfort.

If you have chronic oral face pain, reach out to us today in Alvin, TX.