If teeth are misaligned, or if lower and upper teeth don’t fit together appropriately, you have a malocclusion. If you have a malocclusion that needs to be corrected, stop by to consult with Dr. Hoffpauir on the right ways to fix abnormally aligned teeth. You may need orthodontic treatment if:

  • Teeth aren’t a normal arch shape.
  • Teeth are too close together.
  • Several teeth need to be moved.
  • If teeth are pointing the wrong direction in your mouth.
  • If a tooth’s root is incorrect and needs to be repositioned.
  • If your dentist thinks you need braces or other orthodontic procedures.


One way to straighten the position of your teeth without braces is by using the Invisalign system. This system uses clear trays that fit over your teeth and gently move the location of your teeth. These clear liners straighten teeth if the misalignments aren’t too severe. One of the most attractive characteristics of Invisalign is that it is pretty much invisible. You wear the clear liners for a minimum of 23 out of 24 hours per day. Every several weeks you’ll change clear trays, and your teeth will continue to move into place. The process continues until your teeth get to the desired positions in your mouth and your bite is corrected.

The best way to see what your Winning Smile dentist can do for you is to schedule a consultation. Contact our office in Alvin, TX and ask what services we offer to correct your crooked teeth and give you the straight, healthy smile and teeth you deserve.

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